Exam and assessment results

West Horndon Primary School are proud to host an ‘Enhanced Provision’ for pupils with special educational needs. All of these pupils have a statement of special educational needs or an EHCP for speech and language difficulties.  Due to this provision it is important for the school to make a distinction between 'Whole Cohort' data and 'Mainstream Only' data.  Pupils in the 'Enhanced Provision' typically demonstrate progress in other areas such as self-esteem, confidence and well-being before achieving against EYFS, KS1 or KS2 end of year expectations.  Here you can find information about our school performance data. Comparisons with other schools and year on year data should be treated with caution as our cohorts are very small and the number of pupils in our enhanced provision for speech and language difficulties varies year on year. 

EYFS end of year outcomes 2015/16

WHPS Whole Cohort: achieving GLD = 61%

WHPS Mainstream Only: achieving GLD = 71%

Essex: achieving GLD = 71.9%

National: achieving GLD = 69.3%

KS1 phonics test 2015/16

Year 1 Phonics:

WHPS Whole Cohort: achieving expected standard 2016 = 81%

WHPS Mainstream Only: achieving expected standard 2016 = 88%

National 2016 = 80.6%

Year 2 Phonics:

Retaking, achieving the expected standard = 100%

KS1 end of year outcomes

KS1 end of year outcomes 2015/16
KS2 end of year outcomes 2015/16