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Football club meet on a Thursday Evening from 3.30pm - 4.30pm for years 4,5 & 6 with Mr O'Grady. 
Pupils and staff can join our fantasy football league by visiting and using league pin code 4148976 to join our league. 
The Football Squad Blog 
Tuesday 6th October 2015 
I've just got in from the football trials, Mr O Grady made us play in different positions to see where we played the best.
I think I played well enough to get picked.
Friday 9th October 
Yessssss!   I have been picked for the tournament. I am feeling so excited, my stomach feels really weird, it tiggles a lot. I am so excited.
Wednesday 14th October 
I am  more excited than ever, I have been counting the days in my head. I am so nervous about tomorrow, it's my first tournament. I hope I get to play.
Thursday 15th October
Today's the day.
Feeling nervous in my stomach. The journey there wasn't too bad. 
Game 1: Won 3-0 Archie scored a hat-trick, we all played really well as a team, everyone was excited.
Game 2: we won 4-0 All the goals were scored by Archie, the whole team were really pleased.
Game 3: oh no we lost 4-1 Daniel scored our only goal. I felt disappointed, as we all played our best. (But we were through to the semifinals)
we we lost the semifinals 2-0 I was sad.
On Saturday 17th I went with Josh to watch Leyton Orient play, and we saw the winners of the tournament there.
I can't wait until Tuesday when we play at Shenfield
18th October
Dear Diary,
On Thursday 15th October, I had the opportunity to represent my school at an Essex County Football Tournament. We travelled by minibus and we was bursting with excitement.  It took about 45 minutes to get there. When we arrived we found a spot to put all our stuff and then our coach Mr O Grady told us the starting line up. After we did our warm up ready for our first match.
Our first game went well, it was a 2 - 1 win to us.  Archie scored both goals with assists from Daniel and I. Our goalkeeper was Samuel Leslie he made some great saves. Ben and Luis played well in defence too.
Our second game we won 2 nil.  Archie and Daniel scored. I set up one goal and Archie set up the other. Tom lMorris was in goal. Josh played fantastic and nearly set up a goal but Archie just missed. 
Next game we won again 1 nil. I think it was Daniel who scored. It was a challenging game but we battled hard as a team to get the result.
So now we had 9 points and 1 game left to play. Unfortunately we lost 4 - 1 but still went through to the semis as group runner ups.
In the semis, we lost 3 nil we tried our hardest but couldnt score. We were still proud of ourselves as it was our first time playing as a team.  The team that we lost to in the group stages went on to win the tournament.  Man of the tournament was Josh Haworth. I think we will do well this season if we carrying on playing how we did.
Samuel M 
The best day ever.
On Thursday the 15th of October 2015,  our chosen 10 players went to a football tournament in Dunmow.
1.West Horndon 2-1 Manuden: this was my favourite game because I got a lot of touches on the ball. 
2.West Horndon 3-0 St Mary's: 3 goals and a clean sheet is good.
3.West Horndon 3-1 Hallingbury: 2 goals for Archie and 1 for Daniel.
4.West Horndon 1-4 Loyola: we got absolutely hammered because they were a stronger team.
We are in the semi-finals!!!!!!!
West Horndon 0-2 Rickley: we got knocked out but we had a great time.
Our team did well, bearing in mind we haven't played together before. I'm looking forward to the next tournament!
Samuel L 

On the 15 of October 2015 West Horndon Primary School had a football tournament at Stebbing in Essex .It took us 50 minutes to get there by mini bus with Mr Norman and Mr O’Grady, we had a great time and a sing a long on route .When we arrived we found that we were in group two. Our first match we won against Manuden we were very happy because it was our first match as a team.

 My position in the team was goalkeeper.It was my first time being part of a team in a football league. I was nervous at the beginning in case I let too many goals in. After the first three matches I felt better because we were winning!

As we had won enough matches we got through to the semi-finals, when we heard the good news we were all really happy. In the semi-finals we played against Rickling they had many attempts at goal. One of these attempts I save the ball with my face, however Rickling won 2-0 that took them to the final.

We were really disappointed that we had lost but Mr O’Grady reminded us about how well we had done especially as it was our first tournament together.

I am looking forward to many more matches and hopefully wins!



I woke up really excited - this was my first football tournament!  When we arrived I couldn't wait to play. I was put on in the 2nd half of the first match, I think we were up 1-0. I was a bit nervous. We all played great and won the match! By the end of the 2nd match I felt more confident. I remember blocking a shot on goal and felt really good! We were upset to lose in the semi finals but we  all had a great day. I can not wait to play in the next match- I hope we win!


On Thursday 15th October i visited Flitch FC in Stebbing for an all day tournament and a chance to represent my school (West Horndon Primary School) for an all day football tournament we were given a match day programme each and it had our name printed on there were two groups Group 1 and Group 2 our school were in Group 2 for our first match we played Manuden and won 2-1 by the way i play defender in all these matches for our 2nd match we won 2-1 again this match if we win we are through if we lose we need to beat Loyola who haven`t lost or conceded a goal and we end up winning against Little Hallingbury 3-0 but in our last match we lost against Loyola 4-1 but I was took off because i had hurt my shoulder to tell the truth I think I was being a bit of a drama queen but any ways we got into the semi finals against Rickling which we lost 2-0 but in the end Mr`Ogrady was over the moon with us as he knew we had tried our best and he was happy, we had came 3rd or 4th out of all 10 teams.