Sport Premium

Sport Premium

The Government is spending over £450,000,000 on improving physical education (PE) and sport in primary schools.The premium must be used to fund additional and sustainable improvements to the provision of PE and sport, for the benefit of primary-aged pupils, in the 2017 to 2018 academic year, to encourage the development of healthy, active lifestyles.

Sport is a big part of the curriculum at West Horndon Primary School. We have many sports clubs offered to the children that are provided by specialist sports coaches as well as sports trained members of staff.

Our football team have a close connection with Billericay Football club and have been mascots for the club.We have specialist coaching by top football coaches during our frequent Super Star sports days. The team take part in local run tournaments and perform well.

This academic year  2017/2018 our school was awarded a total of £13,461.00 in sports premium funding. This funding will be spent to boost the performance of sport at our school.


Maths of the day - £450 
This is an initiative to encourage mathematics through PE. The scheme encourages children to have a daily exercise challenge with a mathematical base and is part of the daily curriculum at West Horndon Primary.
Super Star Sports Festival Days and Lunch time sport activity leaders £3985.00
This year we are working in partnership with Super Star Sports. Throughout the year, 5 special sports festival days will be provided with 5 qualified and specialist sports coaches, to give our pupils a high quality of sports provision.Sports coaches are also employed to enhance sport, daily during lunchtime activities and provide part of the required 30 minutes a day sport activity.This provision has increased physical activity and brought the behaviour on the playground at lunchtime to outstanding.
Minibus - £2600.00
The school mini bus is used to transport children to matches and competitions as well as to the Basildon swimming pool for weekly lessons.£1100 has been allocated this year towards the minibus costs.
Healthy life style - £4,500.00
 At West Horndon Primary School we are fortunate to have an all weather daily mile track that has been laid with the help of sports premium funding and donations from the parents association. Our children all run the track for 15 minutes every day.
The impact of this track means children run up to a mile everyday ensuring fit, healthy children who understand the effect of this exercise on their bodies.The impact is children who concentrate well during lessons.
Sports Equipment - £1410.38
 The sports premium funding has enabled the school to purchase new gymnastic equipment, including new mats ,crash mats and vault boards. New footballs have been purchased as well as hockey equipment. Equipment has been purchased for our newly introduced activity archery that runs after school increasing physical activity for some children who wouldn`t usually join in.
Commando Joe - £649.87
 Commando Joe is a fantastic initiative we have introduced at West Horndon. The scheme enables children to use physical skills on many types of missions. The children are encouraged to work as a team to complete their missions. The children learn about famous explorers and follow their adventures as they work through the specially designed missions. Based on the lives of real-life adventurers and explorers, such as Sir Ranulph and Tim Peake. Pupils learn about a different hero or heroine over each term, with practical and mental tasks to complete based on their adventures.Each lesson is structured to give pupils the character tools and values they need to be successful in life such as resilience, determination, empathy, and courage.  Lessons are supported with “field report” films featuring Commando Joe, developed by a Bafta-winning animation company. Plus, a whole website of dedicated resources, support, celebration and reflection materials tools.

Swimming at West Horndon Primary School

During this year all keystage 2 children have a course of lessons to ensure children hit the National Curriculum distance of 25 metres although we have many children who swim distances above.
90% of our current Year 6 cohort can all swim 25 metres or more and will leave primary school with the required standard for swimming.
We continue to promote swimming to a high level and provide extra lessons to improve the technique of strokes and a good understanding of water safety.

For the year 2016/2017 the school received £8,512.00.
This amount is based on the number of pupils in our school. The money will be allocated in different ways to enhance learning and to have a sustainable impact on our pupils. So far this school year the funding is allocated to:
Maths of the day  £450
This is an initiative to encourage mathematics through PE. The scheme encourages children to have a daily exercise challenge with a mathematical base.
Super Star Sports Festival Days  £2,500
This year we are working in partnership with Super Star Sports. Throughout the year 5 special sports festival days will be provided with qualified and specialist sports coaches, to give our pupils a high quality of sports provision.
Gymnastics £1,000 is to be spent to up skill all teachers to teach gymnastics to their own classes. Specialised training and literature will be purchased to enable this to have an impact on our pupils.
Mental Maths through Darts £550 spent on dart boards and stands. This incentive is a lunch time club set up to encourage children to use mental maths as they calculate scores in darts competitions.
Mile a day track £3,200 is allocated to help with the funding of a new running track that will be fitted around the edge of the field. This track is to enable us to put a mile a day programme into practice.

For the year 2015/2016 the school received £8,465.00.

This funding was spent in many ways to enhance sporting abilities, well being and to develop physical and mental health. We also used it  to provide competitive opportunities for all of our pupils.

These are the ways that  the funding was spent:
Chelsea Festival Days £2,000 funded six Chelsea FC Festival days throughout the year providing opportunities for all pupils to compete within the school setting and with an opportunity to use newly developed skills.
Minibus for competitive sporting events transport £1,500 Contributing towards costs of the school minibus, enabling participation in a range of competitive sporting events including football matches and tournaments,netball fixtures and a swimming gala among other events.
P.E Equipment £2,000 the funding paid for new P.E equipment to enhance learning. New netball skirts and bibs, netballs, footballs, goal posts and a new Spordas giant goal for the younger children are amongst the equipment purchased. 
Maths of the day £450 Subscription to Maths of the Day to promote and provide a link between physical development and mathematical development in an engaging and kinaesthetic way. 
Forest School Training £1.600 Part of our outdoor adventure PE is through Forest School Sessions. We have trained an additional two members of staff to lead Forest School sessions. The impact of this has increased regular access to forest schools work for all pupils. The benefits of Forest Schools are wide ranging. Please see the separate section on our website for more details. 

For the year 2014/2015 the school received £8,465.00 

This funding was spent in many ways to enhance sport in our school. This year the school will be funding swimming for every Keystage 2 child in the school. Each child will receive 5 weeks swimming tuition at Clearview Virgin Active Health club. As well as funding the lesson and pool hire the funds will help to pay all transport costs. By providing this, each child will be given the opportunity to progress to swimming 25 metres.

As a result of the swimming lessons, many children in our school can now swim 25metres, which is a National Curriculum requirement. Some of these children could not swim at all, so this is a great achievement for the school and the sports premium funding. To ensure these results continue throughout Keystage 2, for years to come, we have ensured swimming lessons continue in the same way.

The money will also fund Premier Sport Education services. This is an independent outside sport provider giving children in Key Stage 2 a year`s coaching in Street dance and Gymnastics. This specialist tuition will ensure good progress is made in these areas in the P.E National Curriculum and extend the ability of all children in these areas.

Funding will pay for new P.E equipment that is needed to enhance learning. New netball posts, footballs, goal posts and small rubber balls for the younger children are amongst the equipment purchased.

The impact of the Sports Premium funds has meant we have been able to take part in many more inter school events. The lease of the mini bus with the funds, has given the school, transport to swimming lessons,forest school outside learning and transport to competitive competitions.