Sport Premium

As of October 2017, schools have the responsibility of publishing swimming data. This data should express how the children have met the National Curriculum expectations in KS2. By the end of Year 6 children should be able to: swim 25m, use a variety of different strokes (breast stroke, back stroke, front crawl) and be able to perform a safe self-rescue.

Sport Premium

The Government is spending over £450,000,000 on improving physical education (PE) and sport in primary schools. The premium must be used to fund additional and sustainable improvements to the provision of PE and sport, for the benefit of primary-aged pupils.

In the 2018 to 2019 academic year, we have allocated and spent our Sports Premium funding to encourage the development of healthy and active lifestyles, to our pupils.

Sport is a big part of the curriculum at West Horndon Primary School. We have many sports clubs offered to the children that are provided by a specialist sport coach as well as sports trained members of staff.

Our football team have a close connection with Billericay Football club and have been mascots for the club. Our school football team take part in local run tournaments and leagues and always perform well.

We currently hold the Gold Schools Games Mark for our continued achievements with health and fitness in the school.

This academic year 2018/2019  our school was awarded a total of £16,986.00 in Sports Premium funding. This funding will be spent to boost the performance of sport at our school.


At present funding has been allocated to: 

Lunch-time Playleaders £5307.00


This year we have employed a specialist sports coach. The coach provides quality sports programmes during the school day, at lunch times and after school. By providing after school clubs  with the use of sports premium, all pupils are able to have the opportunity to take part in different sporting activities. This provision has increased physical activity and brought the behaviour on the playground at lunchtime to outstanding.


In addition to this money has been allocated to:


First Aid Training £345.00

Membership to District Sports Association £25.00

Sports Equipment £1208.00

Maths of the Day £450.00

Repairs to the minibus £250.00

Sports Day Medals £44.00

Minibus £7650.00


Swimming at West Horndon Primary School 2018/2019

During this academic year, all Key Stage 2 children have had a course of lessons to ensure children hit the National Curriculum distance of 25 metres, although we have many children who swim distances above.


90% of our current Year 6 cohort can all swim 25 metres or more and will leave primary school with the required standard for swimming.


We continue to promote swimming to a high level and provide extra lessons to improve the technique of strokes and a good understanding of water safety.



For the year 2017/2018 the school received £13,461.00


The amount was based on the number of pupils in our school. This money was spent in a variety of ways to promote and enhance sport and healthy activities.  Money was allocated to:


Maths of the Day £450.00

Swimming transport to the pool by minibus

Commando Joe £649.87

Sports Equipment £1410.38

Healthy Life style £4500.00

School Minibus  £2600.00

Specialist sports coaches to provide physical activities at lunchtime. 


For the year 2016/2017 the school received £8,512.00


Maths of the day £450

Super Star Sports Festival Days £2,500

Gymnastics £1,000 

Mental Maths through Darts £550 

Mile a day track £3,200


For the year 2015/2016 the school received £8,465.00

Chelsea Festival Days £2,000 

Minibus for competitive sporting events transport £1,500 

P.E Equipment £2,000 

Maths of the day £450 


Forest School Training £1.600 


For the year 2014/2015 the school received £8,465.00