We are pleased to share some of our most recent feedback with you.

Feedback from year 6 visit to Dunton Hills Farm, May 2018
I just wanted to drop a quick line and say what a pleasure it was to have your children visit us today at Dunton Hills Farm.
They were kind, polite and friendly. I had great fun in walking and talking with them, Sparky quite enjoyed it too.
It really was a delight.
Hoping to welcome the members of WHPS again very soon.
Andrew Patchett
Farm Manager - Dunton Hills Farm 
Feedback from Parental Surveys after Women In School Day March 2018

This school is highly unique. It is always clear that pupils' happiness is at the heart of the curriculum at WHPS. The headteacher Mr O'Grady regularly says that "happy children learn". So simple and so true, but not easy to achieve. They do an amazing job building strong partnerships with parents and we could not be happier with this school. Thank you!


I found the day an inspiration for the next steps in my child's development.


 It was humbling to see the effort and dedication all staff take towards meeting the needs of our children. Whether in the classroom or playground or dining hall - they really do cater to all.
The school is amazing! The staff are great and my children love it here!
A lovely primary school with a very happy atmosphere. All staff are approachable and friendly and always have the children's happiness and well being at the forefront of their care.

A brilliant, engaging day for all mums and honarary mums which gives a great insight into a day at the school.

 The Parent Engagement days and opportunities offered by the school to actively participate in various events are fantastic. They really help to embed the parent/teacher relationship and provide invaluable insight into the world our children occupy when they are there. My son described it as one of the best days he’s had!
A really enjoyable opportunity to experience school activities - thank you! 
Every school in Essex should have to spend the day at West Horndon for their CPD! I've never seen anything like it. There is never a missed opportunity for learning!
I've enjoyed the whole day but especially Forest Schools. So good to spend time with teachers and listening to their aims and aspirations for the children - Thank you
 Feedback from Parental Surveys after Women In School Day March 2017
"I love women in school day! Look forward to it each year...It's given me more to think about with how we can use the resources at home to help our son more...Seeing our happy my child (the all the other children) are in there class and how confident they are, plus lunch! The food was yummy!...A huge thank you to all staff, including catering, for making us welcome and all the hard work you do for our children"
"A huge thank you to Mr OGrady and his staff for making this happen and by being so welcoming and so very professional from start to finish"
"Both children couldn't wait to share their work. For me, actually seeing how a typical day is set up and understanding their surroundings is invaluable...Cannot rate this day highly enough,
I hope it will continue each year."
"I had an amazing time. Always made so welcome by all the teachers and head teacher. The teachers are truly amazing to make school for our children so full of fun and happiness. I feel truly blessed that my children have this opportunity to make their school years memorable and enjoyable. Well done West Horndon and thank you. I am proud for my children to be part of your school."
"I think these days are a great idea for both parents and children. It gives a better understand on how they are at school and it's great to see how enthusiastic they all are."
"Fantastic time as always"
"..enjoyed hearing Mr O'Grady's welcome speech as always. A mixture of facts, information and good humour....My child was clearly proud to show me his school and all the exciting learning activities that he takes part in through a school day....Lovely to spend the day in the company of such dedicated, hard working staff."
"Fantastic day...nice to see how all the out the box thinking and learning pieces together...Love making these lasting memories...They take so much pride in showing their school and their work,...Love they way all the staff have a passion for what they do, it's not a chore at all. Great work"
Feedback from the National Maritime Museum, March 2017 

"Dear Mr O’Grady,

I have the pleasure of forwarding you below some very positive feedback from Rebecca, one of our freelance educators who teaches schools at the National Maritime Museum. Please do pass on to the children and congratulate them on their excellent learning skills.
With best wishes,

Ruth Boley
Senior Manager: Learning

Royal Museums Greenwich
National Maritime Museum | Royal Observatory Greenwich | The Queen's House | Cutty Sark.....

Dear Mr O'Grady,

Thank you for bringing your children to the National Maritime Museum today, I hope they enjoyed their experience and picked up some interesting facts to start them on the right track for their Vikings project.

I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed working with the children from West Horndon. I found them to be interested and very willing to have a go at answering questions without fear of failing, even though they were right at the start of their project and had little prior knowledge. I was very impressed by certain members of the group who contextualized and applied the information they received. I also found all the children to be extremely polite towards me and each other which was a real joy to witness.

I have the pleasure in teaching a wide variety of children from all sorts of backgrounds and I am happy to say that memories of teaching your class from West Horndon will stay with me for a long time.

Kind regards

Rebecca Swan"
Feedback from Parental Surveys after Women In School Day March 2016 
“West Horndon School are little miracle workers, you've made me a very happy mummy, having seen the difference you have made to _______ and her progression”
“I love the atmosphere at the school, and its clear to see the teachers have a lot of passion in their job. I love how they learn and wish all schools could be like this. I’m so impressed with the school.”
“I would highly recommend this school to other parents I believe this school is a treasure and the way it encourages learning for children is great bit is also about having fun whilst learning”  
“I am really pleased with the progress that both my children have made at school this year and drop them off every morning knowing that they will be happy, secure and challenged all day. It is so reassuring to know that every member of staff knows every child” 
“Provides productive and appropriate education for my child/children - permits families to take an active role in my child's education - always strives to high expectations and provides back up learning where appropriate/needed - provides a happy environment for my child and they love school”
“For me, there is nothing you could do to make it better. It is a fantastic school, which my son loves going to.”
“My children really enjoy school and we are very pleased with their progress. Thank you!”
“Well run and friendly school environment with a great social heart but combined with the ability to push children's learning and development to match their skills and goals. Also welcoming to parents.”
Email received 4th October 2015
Dear Mrs Curtis,
I have just had the pleasure of seeing a group of children from your school on a school trip at a service station near the Watford Gap. I wanted to say that the children behaved very well, even the ones sat far away from the teachers were quiet and well-mannered and a credit to your school.
Yours Sincerely, Sarah Hinton