Kind Words

Feedback from Parental Surveys after Women In School Day March 2022 
Such a wonderful and caring school who understand not only what children need academically but also the nurture and understanding they need emotionally and mentally to help them develop. My children are truly thriving at West Horndon and I couldn't be happier.
I don't know of another school like this one. Mental health, social communication and building resilience are at the heart of the curriculum. Children are encouraged to learn through play right through to year six. I can't rate West Horndon highly enough!

WH Primary has a refreshing way of making learning fun and engaging for the children. It is clear to see that they all have created great relationships throughout the school and the peer support from other year groups is something which I believe everyone benefits from.

Lovely school, 100 percentage focused on the children's happiness - absolutely Over the moon with our choice to send our daughter there!

The emphasis on outdoor learning and the role of play in learning is amazing. I’ve never seen cooking used to teach phonics before and I’m not sure I’d ever want to see it taught any other way. It’s so clear that all the staff at West Horndon have taken the time to get to know each child individually and the level of care is outstanding.

 All the staff is amazing and knows exactly how to motivate the children. Mr O’Grady commitment and drive can be seen throughout the whole school.

Fabulously unique & kind school. Their approach to learning is fun and that's what school is supposed be when you're little.

You should all be so proud of yourselves For all your hard work that you put into the school it truly shows and the passion you all have for the school also. This shows in the children they are so happy and polite and this is down to you . You are making learning fun rather than just sitting at a table. You have found ways to make learning fun but achievable and on topic and for that your getting the best from the children I absolutely loved it and can’t wait until next year Well done west Horndon you truly are impressive

Just to say thank you for all that you do for our children and for allowing us inside your school to see a small part of how you teach and shape them. Having never experienced anything like this before it was truly wonderful coming in to spend the day with my children and something we won't forget. Thank you to all the staff for putting it together and for their hard work on the day, I can only imagine how nerve wracking it is and how hard it is to get children to concentrate when their parents are by their side!

Days like these are my children's most remembered days at school. As parents we like to be there every step of the way and not miss a moment so to be a part of a day which is usually behind closed doors has a lasting positive impact which will be talked about for years to come. Lucky parents we are to be able to share this experience with them. Thank you WHPS.

I wish school was this much fun when I went! The pupils of West Horndon are extremely lucky!

It was an absolutely fantastic day and I can’t thank the school enough for giving me the chance to spend the day with my son at school.

We loved Women in School day. It really gives you an insight to how the school operates and its ethos. I can't wait for the next one and our two boys are already excited about Men in School Day.

I really enjoyed spending time at the school - both to spend the quality time with my daughter in one of her favourite places and to be able to see what she gets up to!

It was a blast! Getting a glimpse into school life is definitely something every parent should experience! It’s allowed me to put all her school stories into a full picture and I thank all the staff for making this day happen. It’s a day that I will treasure for the rest of this year! I can’t wait for Mother’s in school 2023!

I absolutely enjoyed every single minute. The lunch was delicious and kept me full until teatime. Lunch time, even with extra guests, seemed like a well-oiled ship! The sand pit is a brilliant addition. It kept the kids - and me - fully engaged the whole of lunch. We loved finding golden nuggets and gems!

West Horndon should be very proud for arranging such unique days that no other schools do. It’s very important as a parent to be able to share experiences like this with our children. Not only does it build confidence, it also build bonds with a child and a parent.

I will now be able to picture what my child is doing when and where which gives me great comfort. I think it will also benefit my child as I think he'll probably talk more about some of the things he gets up to at school because he can explain the things that I've seen!

…love the way you link everything thing together ….learning about history of  Pocahontas and carrying it on in Cojo! And it’s amazing how the children take everything in! Will definitely do things differently when doing homework etc

I will now be able to picture what my child is doing when and where which gives me great comfort. I think it will also benefit my child as I think he'll probably talk more about some of the things he gets up to at school because he can explain the things that I've seen!

Parental Feedback - December 2021
To All the Staff at WH,

I just wanted to write a quick note to everyone to say a BIG thank you for making this time of year so magical for all the children.  The memories you create will last a lifetime and we appreciate all the extra hard work which you put in going above & beyond your job roles.

We know there is a few weeks of festivities yet to go but we just wanted to say thanks to an amazing team!

Happy Christmas to you all!
Feedback from Year 6 visit to Dunton Hills Farm
I just wanted to drop a quick line and say what a pleasure it was to have your children visit us today at Dunton Hills Farm. They were kind, polite and friendly. I had great fun in walking and talking with them, Sparky quite enjoyed it too. It really was a delight.
Hoping to welcome the members of WHPS again very soon.
Andrew Patchett
Farm Manager - Dunton Hills Farm 
Feedback From Our Steward at Writtle College Food and Farming Day June 2019
"I just wanted to say how impressed I was with your children's behaviour today.  I have stewarded at this event before, and your children's conduct has been the best I have experienced.  Their smart appearance and respect for others was also noticed."
Hilary Barnes
Email from Member of the Public
Dear Mrs Curtis,
I have just had the pleasure of seeing a group of children from your school on a school trip at a service station near the Watford Gap. I wanted to say that the children behaved very well, even the ones sat far away from the teachers were quiet and well-mannered and a credit to your school.
Yours Sincerely, Sarah Hinton
Feedback from the National Maritime Museum 

Dear Mr O'Grady,

Thank you for bringing your children to the National Maritime Museum today, I hope they enjoyed their experience and picked up some interesting facts to start them on the right track for their Vikings project.

I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed working with the children from West Horndon. I found them to be interested and very willing to have a go at answering questions without fear of failing, even though they were right at the start of their project and had little prior knowledge. I was very impressed by certain members of the group who contextualized and applied the information they received. I also found all the children to be extremely polite towards me and each other which was a real joy to witness.

I have the pleasure in teaching a wide variety of children from all sorts of backgrounds and I am happy to say that memories of teaching your class from West Horndon will stay with me for a long time.

Kind regards

Rebecca Swan